Want The Inside Scoop On The Airline Your Travelling With? Read This.

 Aviation Geeks or Avgeeks as they are known, love to share knowledge on what airlines are up to and the inside operations. They even go as far as to create websites that are updated daily by certain users. The Source websites offer you information on the latest News, Aircraft, Product, Liveries, Seat Maps & Trackers.

You can check out what the prices are for luggage, as well as the allowances and fare types you may have booked, what seats are the best seats to book, what cabin product would best suit you for your flight and you can also see where your plane is right this second. One of its best features is the seat checker. You just type what seat number you want and it will tell you all about it.

We typed in SEAT 1A on a Virgin Australia 737 and here is what it shows:

This is a great way of staying up to date on anything regarding your airline when travelling, and it gets a thumbs up from us! You should no longer be calling up airlines complaining about leg room and that you didn’t get served first. You have all the information at your fingertips now and as they say knowledge is power. 

Someone said to me “Why should i care about what seats are what on a plane, i should just be able to book and have a great experiance” Yes your partially right you should be having a great experiance, however you should also be investing your time in getting to know what planes your flying on before going, its not just about the brand and extra things that come with it. Remember your actually paying for a seat only so that should be at the forefront of your mind, where am i sitting, do i have decent legroom, where do the crew start the meal service and will i get my first choice if i choose to sit here. If you use sites like these you can find out what seat suits your needs and then you can book accordingly. 

We do however always recommend double checking with the airline official pages too but if your interested the source then the websites for these airlines are:

British Airways: Thebasource.com

Virgin Atlantic: Thevssource.com

Aer Lingus: Thelingussource.com

Air New Zealand: Thenzsource.com

Emirates: Theeksource.com

Etihad Airways: Theysource.com

Jetstar: Thejetstarsource.com

Qantas: Theqantasource.com

Qatar Airways: Theqatarsource.com

Virgin Australia: Thevasource.com


If you have tips on websites you use to get your info, then please comment below or reach out to us on Facebook & Twitter @thebackgalley.

Signing Off


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