Your UK Midweek Airline Update

  Here is your midweek UK airline update from thebackgalley.

British Airways – is likely to announce its contingency plans for at least the first part of the Mixed Fleet Strike later this week. Passengers whose flights are cancelled will be offered an alternative departure date, possibly for a different destination. They are likely to be given the option to cancel with the option of a full refund, to postpone the trip or to reroute. Travellers whose flights are to be operated by another airline, such as Titan Airways, will be notified but they are unlikely to be offered the option to amend without penalty. Read More
EasyJet – In what marks a first for European airlines, has launched an Amazon Alexa skill that allows passengers to quickly and easily check their flight’s status. These ‘skills’ are Alexa’s in-built abilities to enable users to interact with their devices by using just their voice – for example, when using their Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. Thanks to the new skill, easyJet customers will simply have to say, ‘Alexa, open easyJet’ to their devices, and they will instantly be able to check the latest arrival and departure information for their flights. Read More

Monarch – Has launched a string of new routes from Birmingham Airport, starting with flights to Valencia. The first flights to Spain’s third biggest city have taken off, along with services to Rhodes and Naples and Split. A further route, to Rome, opens up on Thursday (June 29). Read More

Norwegian – Might not have won approval to serve the U.S. under legislation a House panel approved Tuesday. The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee agreed by voice vote to add a provision dealing with foreign airlines to a bill governing the Federal Aviation Administration. The provision would prohibit the transportation secretary from approving any foreign airline service to the U.S. if the carrier is established in a country other than its majority owner. Read More

Jet2 – Passengers reported hearing a ‘loud bang’ as the plane’s tyres burst during landing on a Tenerife runway after taking off from Manchester. flight LS917 made a noisy landing at 12.10pm following a three-hour flight. Passengers reported hearing a ‘loud bang’ as the tyres went. The A330 was met by emergency services after the tyres burst during landing. It’s understood the Airbus was stuck on the runway for inspection, with inbound flights at Tenerife South Airport said to be diverted. Read More

Ryanair – Ryanair has reiterated its interest in buying defunct Italian carrier Alitalia but only if the company is restructured. In an interview with Italian media company Ansa, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary said the Irish airline would be interested in buying Alitalia if it was committed to making major changes. Mr O’Leary added that the company was not necessarily interested in buying airport slots. Read More

Thomas Cook – Hundreds of Thomas Cook Airlines passengers have had their vacation extended by more than 24 hours after a mechanical issue involving an Airbus A330. Flight MT2652 departed from Manchester with 332 passengers on Monday afternoon, the destination Holguin in Cuba. As it was flying over the Atlantic about 200 miles west of the Irish coast, the pilots decided to return to Manchester due to an oil pressure issue with the left-hand engine. Read More

Virgin Atlantic – Claims they have cut its total aircraft carbon emissions by 22% over the last nine years. CO2 emissions have dropped from 5,218,451 tonnes in 2007 to 4,082,195 in 2016. This is mirrored by reductions in two key efficiency measures: CO2 per Revenue Tonne Kilometre (down 17%) and CO2 per passenger km (down 22%), with all three measures having reduced 8% in the last year. The carbon efficiencies mean that the airline is already ahead of an Iata industry target agreed for 2020. Read More

Thats a selection of what has came to our attention this mid week. Anything else please DM us or share on our page and it will be in Sundays article. @thebackgalley

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