Virgin America #TalkBirdyToMe

Here at Thebackgalley we just love Virgin America talking dirty to us!

In 2015 Virgin America decided to celebrate pride by nearly breaking the internet. The airline has been sponsoring Pride in San Francisco again this weekend (June 2017), and in true Virgin fashion has been a huge support to the LGBT community, and we are so proud of them. This has also lead to some amazing tweets being sent. The below tweet from 2015 is just one of the many tweets it sends out every year. Β The tweet read:

Who thinks this is the best thing to ever hit twitter?!

Its so risky! But oh so worth it! I for one love and support my LGBT community, and I love how Virgin America do to! It really shows how much we have moved on with the times and are no longer afraid to say or show how we feel, or ask others how they “do”.

This year is just as important than the last, especially due to recent events around the world. I remember a part of Virgins statement from last year that said “we need to share a message of love, equality and respect for everyone”. I strongly feel our LGBT community does just that and we owe it to them to return that message.

I’m not great with being mushy about things, but i just had to say something and show how much i care.

Signing off


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